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Let’s go ahead and bless your hearts with some additional facts about Turkey. How they dress: Around most areas of Turkey you’ll see people wearing mostly modern clothing such as jeans and t-shirts. Especially on the Aegean side (west coast of Turkey) where it is typically commercial and very popular. Some women you will also see wearing headresses and this is more common the more east you go as the east tends to be more on the conservative side.
What they eat: Same as most types of cuisine. Some chicken, some beef, some fish, lamb vegetables etc. Kebaps are pretty common as well if you are familiar with them.
Language: Is primarily Turkish but it would be rare to find people who don’t understand English as most schools teach English as a second language. Sometimes German, French, Dutch, Russian and other languages as well. Again, it does get less common the more east you go. In some areas you will also find native Kurdish speakers.
Location: Turkey is located on the cusp of Europe and Asia. If you are focussing on Istanbul (one of the major cities) one side is located on the European continent, but if you cross the bridge it is on the Asia continent. Turkey borders Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. As well as the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black seas.

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I hope some of this was helpful! If you plan on traveling to Turkey I am sure you will enjoy it. It is a wonderful place to visit. Figuring out what are the best places to visit in eastern Turkey is challenging but go ahead and contact us and we’ll help you develop a Travel plan.